1. Fashionable hair towel suite

Size: face cloth: 35 * 35 cm, face towel: 35 * 78 cm, bath towel: 70 * 140 cm. Product description: material: 100% cotton fabric soft, warm, double use, feel comfortable, delicate, appearance feel high-grade, luxurious, let you feel comfortable multiplication. Can more fully contact with the skin, have a better cleaning effect. Process: dyeing the imported reactive dye,

2. Wall stick - red dandelions

Product description is simple and easy dandelion pattern come deck glass or corner, chic and correct! Product specification: * 30 cm, number of sheets: (30 * 30 1 piece of 30 * sixty 1 a), it is suggested that paste size: 0.58 * 0.73 mHas a unique rubber surface guide gas tank, when the paste can be easily eliminate sticker and metope between bubble, also will not stick to the wall after a long time because

3. The kitchen multi-functional dishes receive frame

Type: AB - 382 size: 460 * 280 * 410 MM (including both sides chopsticks barrel and chopping board frame) inside with two joint water disc weight: 2.6 kg (plus elegant gift box packaging)
Features:1, kitchen supplies receive, can maintain clean and clean household space

4. Microwave oven

* lead food is steamed standard, steamed product delicious food with health
* intelligent nano silver bladder, active bactericidal long-term bacteriostatic
* black crystal full width big plate and larger space more capacity

1. Television maintenance required thunderstorm

2. The home textile product low carbon search path

3. Home textile industry: from the weak links of the

4. Network economy era broaden the channels of

5. Television maintenance required thunderstorm

6. Home textile products low carbon search path

7. Home textile industry: from the weak links of the

8. Network economy era broaden the channels of

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